An Introduction to Our School District









The Myodai school district covers two parts of town in the Myodai area.

In Myodai, there are a number of beautiful parks, community roads, plenty of educational facilities and beautiful residential estates which have come together to make a peaceful environment in harmony with nature.  There is also a temple nestled deep in the green hillside, near the Ashida river.


Myodai is the town of green, wind, and light.








Aerial shot of the Myodai area

Aerial shot of Myodai Elementary School

The cherry trees at the school gate are also in full bloom!

When spring comes, the cherry trees are in full bloom!

In summer, everything is green.

The cherry trees we planted when the school opened are growing.

The rose garden is also in bloom.

The mountain behind the school changes color as autumn approaches.


Children are pleased with the rare sight of the school grounds powdered with snow!